1. Integral Flange

      The integral Flange (IF) is designed for connection of pipes. As one of hubbed welding neck steel pipe flanges, it can be made of different kinds of steel including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

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    1. Weld Neck Flange

      Weld neck flange features high deformation resistance, great sealing performance, wide application range, good rigidity, resilience and reasonable thinning transition for butt welding.

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    1. Slip-on Flange

      Compared with common slip-on-welding flange, hubbed slip-on flange has a short neck, which increases the strength and loading capacity of the flange. Therefore, it can be used on pipelines with higher pressure.

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    1. Pipe Elbow

      As a famous manufacturer of fittings, Hebei Zhouji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. owns cutting-edge techniques and advanced production equipment, which include pushing machine, heating and bending machine, cold pressing machine as well as welding machine.

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    1. Pipe Bend

      As a professional and well-known manufacturer of fittings in China, Hebei Zhouji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has cutting-edge techniques and advanced equipment which includes pushing machine and heating and bending machine for production of pipe bends.

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    1. Pipe Tee

      As a type of fittings, pipe tee comes into two shapes which are T-shapes and Y-shaped. It is usually installed at the intersection point of three pipelines. Our company provides various T-shaped tees, which include straight type and reducing type.

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    1. Line Pipe (for Oil and Gas Transportation)

      Carbon steel made seamless tube is mainly used in petroleum and natural gas industry for transportation of gas and fluid.

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    1. Tube and Pipe for Fluid Transportation

      The pile is mainly used for transportation of petroleum, natural gas and other fluids.

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    1. Boiler Tubes

      Generally, seamless steel tube and pipe is used for construction of heating pipelines, production of containers and transportation of steam in low and medium boilers. 10 steel or 20 steel are often adopted for production of the pipe.

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